# 15 | Talking Design in Esports with Jonny Hockey & Robert Palacios

The Esports Startup show

Summary: <p>Welcome to The Esports Startup!</p> <p>Join our <a href="https://e1.gg/community"><strong>Slack community</strong></a> to chat with the hosts and learn about esports, startups and funding from your hosts and community members! To learn more about Esports One, visit our <a href="https://esportsone.com/"><strong>site</strong></a>.</p> <p>In this episode, Jonny Hockey &amp; speaks to Robert Palacios, Esports One's Lead Designer and Creative Genius.</p> <p>Special Note: This episode was recorded as a live stream on Twitch.tv. Follow our channel <a href="https://twitch.tv/esportsone"><strong>here</strong></a> and stay tuned!</p> <p>Contact Info: Matt Gunnin (CEO) Email: matt@esportsone.com</p>