Judith Light Once Told Her Agent, "No Soaps, No Sitcoms"

Here's The Thing with Alec Baldwin show

Summary: <p>Judith Light has an unequaled emotional and tonal range as an actor.  She also has a shape-shifting physicality that made her entirely convincing both as the shuffling yenta Shelly Pfefferman in <em>Transparent</em> and as the lithe, aristocratic Hedda Gabler.  But she only got to exercise those talents by saying "yes" to a lot of less intricate roles -- most famously the housewife-prostitute Karen Wolek on <em>One Life to Live</em> and Type-A divorcée Angela Bower on <em>Who's the Boss</em>.  Her manager (a former Psychology professor) helped her arrive at that place of openness.  After a few bad auditions, he sat her down and said, "You have an expectation that people should just be giving you stuff, and it's untenable.  People feel it.  You walk into a room and nobody wants to be around you."  "And so," Light tells Alec, "when I walked into the audition for <em>Who's the Boss</em>, I was in a very different place."</p>