October 10, 2019

The Specialist Radio Hour show

Summary: Stars and Stripes National Radio welcomes Retired Naval Commodore Kenny Golden as our guest host.  Tune in as Mr. Golden takes the reins touching on a multitude of interesting topics including his most recent poignant trip to Arlington National Cemetery and  the need for a safe space in a time when everyone is constantly bombarded by nonstop news coverage and constant use of electronic devices.<br> Mark Willingham,  long time fashion industry expert , CEO and cofounder of AGENT INC. the fastest growing modeling platform in the world joins The Specialist for an indepth look at the pitfalls  for models in this demanding age and what AGENT INC.  is doing not only to protect them but also to empower them.<br> The third hour has Chris and Kenny co-hosting as they immediately jump on the unfolding crisis on the Turkish border and weigh in on the never ending unofficial impeachment inquiry.<br>