Episode 80 – Limping to the Finish Line | Blue Heaven Podcast

Dodgers Nation: Blue Heaven Podcast show

Summary: In the landmark 80th episode of Blue Heaven, Brook is out of town playing softball and drinking heavily (one assumes). In his stead, Clint brings in our Dodgers Nation postgame show host Doug McKain to talk about the boys in blue. On today's show: - Clayton Kershaw's Rebound in SD - Dustin Maynia in October - Injuries at the Wrong Time - NL Playoff Competition - And So Much More! The Dodgers took their last trip to San Diego of the season and did what they were supposed to do. Sweep a bad team and get your ace feeling ready for postseason action. While a personal career streak ended for Clayton Kershaw, so did his run of poor outings. Reading into the timing of his start, Clint says that it looks like he starts NLDS game 1. Recent usage suggests a big role for Dustin May in October. Roster talk plus "Beaty vs Rios" is a subject of debate for the boys. But with how injured the Dodgers appear while limping to the finish line, that may take care of itself. Milwaukee, Washington, or St. Louis -- the division series is going to be a big test. One important note is that Bryce Harper will not be participating! Finally, we share our thoughts on awards for the National League. Thanks to Doug McKain for joining the show! Check out his other podcast at "Get More Sports." Like, share, subscribe! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices