Anil Vishwanathan, Mondelez - Part 2

Ctrl-Alt-Del Reboot Marketing Again show

Summary: <p>On these inaugural episodes of the podcast, Atul chats with Anil Vishwanathan, Director - Chocolates at Mondelez India. Anil is a career Cadbury man, with years of marketing experience across geographies.</p> <p>An alumni of IIT Madras &amp; IIM Calcutta, Anil talks about the way Marketing has grown in the last 2 decades and the need to Reboot Marketing today.</p> <p>Anil can be reached through his Twitter Handle <a href="">@Chai_vis</a></p> <p>Anil's recommendations in this episode</p> <ul> <li>Behavioural Economics literature... Malcolm Gladwell, Steven Levitt, Daniel Kahneman, Nassim Nicholas Taleb. </li> <li>Shoe Dog by Phil Knight</li> <li>The Steve Jobs Biography by William Isaacson </li> <li>Open by Andre Agassi </li> <li>Regional language Cinema on various OTT platforms</li> <li>Revisionist History Podcast - Malcolm Gladwell</li> </ul> <p>Atul's recommendations in this episode</p> <ul> <li>The Daily Show Podcast - Trevor Noah</li> <li>250 Days: Cantona’s Kung Fu and the Making of Manchester United by Daniel Storey</li> <li>Measure what Matters by John Doerr</li> </ul> <p><br></p>