DailyRootz! 05/22/12 Sponsored By Swappa! - May 22,2012

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Summary: Team Kang lead developer Roman Birg has released AOKP Backup into the Google Play Store. The primary purpose of this app is to backup your ROM Control settings and restore them after a data wipe when flashing a newer AOKP build. http://goo.gl/mxuym LeeDroid has updated his popular One Supreme ROM for the HTC One S to version 2.0! Be sure to update to version 2.0 by downloading the ROM from the One S Development forum at RootzWiki.com http://goo.gl/py9aw It looks like we have an official leak of ICS 4.0.4 for the Samsung Galaxy Note on our forums. http://goo.gl/CR1Nz Derek De La Cruz put together a great review of the Kingston WiDrive on SuperUser.tv. Check out his full review and the video on the front page of RootzWiki.com http://goo.gl/n7XGp Mike Lewis has put together a very thurough comparison of Google Currents and Flipboard for us.You can read the entire review on the front page of RootzWiki.com http://goo.gl/GAmO5 We've launched our latest contest in conjunction with CruzerLite! We need your help to design a killer RootzWiki themed case for our Galaxy Nexus'! Oh, did I mention that the winning design will pick up a $100 give card to Cruzerlite.com? http://goo.gl/uJ5GC Are you ready for another Android After Dark on RootzLive!? Yep, this Friday night, 7PM Pacific/10PM Eastern the RootzLive! team will be taking shots and chatting it up in a drunken stupor all for your entertainment. Thanks to Swappa for sponsoring today's podcast, check them out at www.swappa.com for the very best way to buy or sell gently used Android devices.