"Almanac" Offers Inside Track on American Politics | OAS Episode 72

Our American States show

Summary: Columnist George Will says it’s “the bible of American politics.” Started in 1972, the “Almanac of American Politics,” has been a valuable resource tool for people needing to have comprehensive knowledge of Congress, congressional districts and state governors. Published every two years, the 2020 version has just been released. Our guest is Louis Jacobson, who is a senior correspondent for PolitFact and has written for publications such as Governing magazine, Roll Call, CongressNow and the National Journal. He is a senior author for the “2020 Almanac of American Politics.” He wrote the state overview chapters of the publication. Jacobson offers listeners of “Our American States” a discount code to order the publication. Visit the site to purchase the book and use the code LOUISANDFRIENDS Additional Resources Transcription of Episode 72