A Revolutionary Approach to CrossFit Training Revealed

The Natural Running Network show

Summary: <br> <br> <br> <br> <br> Before you freak out, no, I am not turning tail on OCR or endurance training programs!  If you follow my work, you know that recently I developed a program in collaboration with Ryan Fischer an extremely talented CrossFit Athlete.  This program has been out for a mere 5 weeks and meeting with rave responses.  An OCR athlete would do well to consider this process as the theme of the project is “Winning the Battle with Fatigue”.  It so happens that an early adopter who has been in the program for said five weeks was kind enough to share his experience thus far.. It’s worth a listen because his results are extraordinary.  After you have a chance to hear his review feel free to reach out to him @mathewfreeman or pick up a copy of the program for yourself.  Here is the link: <a href="https://www.gymryan.com/pages/endurance-rich-diaz">https://www.gymryan.com/pages/endurance-rich-diaz</a> <br>