Adventures in YA Episode 057: Let Have a Chit Chat

Adventures in YA Podcast show

Summary: Hello and welcome back! That hiatus lasted a little longer than we planned. In this episode we are getting back into the swing of things with a little chit chat about what we’ve been doing while we’ve been away.<br> Sara:<br> On the Come Up<br> Royals<br> Fluent Forever: How To Learn Any Language Fast and Never Forget<br> Kristin:<br> Shrill<br> Furious Hours: Murder, Fraud, and the Last Trial of Harper Lee<br> Harry Potter Series Reread<br> Let Me Hear a Rhyme<br> Dear Sweet Pea<br> Barely Missing Everything<br> On The Come Up<br> With the Fire on High<br> The Dazzling Heights<br> The High Season<br> Like a Love Story<br> Love from A to Z<br> Hope and Other Punch Lines<br> Somewhere Only We Know<br> Connect With Us:<br> <a href="">Adventures in YA</a><br> <a href="">Instagram</a><br> <a href="">Twitter</a><br> <a href="">Facebook</a><br> <a href="">Goodreads</a><br> Subscribe to Us:<br> <a href="">iTunes</a><br> <a href="">Android</a><br> <a href="" target="_blank" rel="noopener noreferrer">Spotify</a><br>