Adventures in YA Episode 058: New Releases July – September 2019

Adventures in YA Podcast show

Summary: Hello and welcome back! In this episode we are talking about our most anticipated new releases for July, August and September. So sit back and have a listen. We do not apologize for any growth in your TBR pile because of this episode.<br> Sara:<br> A lot of adult webtoons<br> Kristin:<br> Bad Blood: Secrets and Lies in a Silicon Valley Startup<br> Ghost<br> Queenie<br> Patron Saints of Nothing<br> American Royals<br> Hunger: A Memoir of (My) Body<br> Hope and Other Punch Lines<br> Somewhere Only We Know<br> Riverdale: The Day Before<br> Riverdale: Get Out of Town<br> Salt to the Sea<br> The Banishment<br> July:<br> Systems of a Heartbreak<br> Wilder Girls<br> The Year They Fell<br> August:<br> The Revolution of Birdie Randolph<br> Color Me In<br> Bloody Seoul<br> September<br> The Toll (but actually doesn’t come out until November 5)<br> American Royals<br> There Will Come a Darkness<br> Dear Haiti, Love Alaine<br> She’s the Worst<br> Permanent Record<br> His Hideous Heart<br> A Match Made in Mehendi<br> Frankly in Love<br> The Liars of Mariposa Island<br> Slay<br> Verify<br> Connect With Us:<br> Adventures in YA<br> Instagram<br> Twitter<br> Facebook<br> Goodreads<br> Subscribe to Us:<br> iTunes<br> Android<br> Spotify<br>