Ralph White: Holistic Centers Network

Pathways Radio by Paul O'Brien show

Summary: Ralph White is a founder of the Holistic Centers Gathering. He is also co-founder of New York Open Center [1], America’s leading urban institution of holistic learning where his current role is Senior Fellow and Conference Director. The Open Center has presented the major writers and speakers in the fields of wellness, social/ecological change, inner development, world spiritual traditions, art and creativity for over thirty four years. In this rollicking conversation with Paulo, Ralph displays his uncanny mystical eloquence in fine fashion (even after a couple glass of wine). Great fun! Visit Ralph White’s website: ralphwhite.net [2] or esotericquest.org [3] Visit HCN's website: centersnetwork.org [4] [1] https://www.opencenter.org/ [2] http://ralphwhite.net [3] http://esotericquest.org [4] http://centersnetwork.org