Episode 13 Nick and Tom – Barefaced Brewing

Humans of Hospitality show

Summary: Travel is what makes Barefaced Brewing tick:  Nick Horne and Tom Cooper have been friends since they were 3. But in their 20s they were working in bars and breweries at opposite sides of the world – Tom in Edinburgh, Nick in Sydney. When Tom sent a Facebook message saying he was really keen to set up an indie  brewery, Nick flew across the globe a few days later, rocked up in the bar where Tom was working and said, ‘Let’s do it’. And they have. They choose their hops not only for their distinctive taste but because they conjure up the atmosphere of a particular place, from resinous and refreshing Canada to super-bold, tropical Australia.  And trust me, they know their hops: they reckon they’ve each tasted 6,000 different beers over the last decade or so. Tough research, but someone has to do it… In this programme you’ll discover that the lads owe a lot to Tom’s super-patient mum and sussed grandfather… but (in the nicest possible way) slightly less to his dad…how they crowd-funded a mad dash to Italy and back… and how they have set up their partnership very neatly  so, should they ever fall-out (hopefully not as childhood friends) their business will survive… web: https://www.barefacedbrewing.co.uk facebook: https://www.facebook.com/BarefacedBrewing/ instagram: https://www.instagram.com/barefaced_brewing/ twitter: https://twitter.com/BareBrew1ng The post Episode 13 <br> Nick and Tom – Barefaced Brewing appeared first on Humans Of Hospitality.