Episode 18 Simon Robinson Hattingley Sparkling Wine

Humans of Hospitality show

Summary: British wine use to have a reputation, but not one we wanted. Now it’s taking on the French at their own game with some of the best sparkling in the world. As chair of Wine GB and founder of Hattingley Valley Simon is the perfect guest to chat to to find out why and how. If you’d said to Simon Robinson in 2008 that his Hattingley Valley vineyards would have the capacity – in a really good year – to produce 580,000 bottles of wine…or that his sparkling rose would be crowned a world champion, he would have said you were crackers. And yet, in just over a decade, Hattingley  and other GB newcomers have done brilliantly in what is a very old industry…even though in the early days our efforts were written off as being poor copies of German varieties like Riesling and  Muller-Thergau. In this conversation you’ll discover why our sparkling wines are now doing so well and why Simon calls his sector ‘agriculture on steroids’:  it will make your eyes water when you do and you’ll wonder why on earth he gave up his partner position at a city law firm to go on such a rollercoaster… website https://www.hattingleyvalley.com instagram https://www.instagram.com/hattingleywines/ The post Episode 18 Simon Robinson <br> Hattingley Sparkling Wine appeared first on Humans Of Hospitality.