For Caregivers: Care Coordination for Your Loved One Living with Cancer and Other Health Problems

Multiple Myeloma CancerCare Connect Education Workshops show

Summary: * Overview of Cancer & Co-Morbidities * The Role of Caregivers in Care Coordination for People Living with Cancer & Co-Morbidities * Tips for Communicating with the Health Care Team about Care Coordination * Challenges of Coordinating Your Loved One’s Care & Follow-Up Appointments * Adherence – Taking Pills on Schedule * Lead time in Refilling Prescriptions & Planning for Visitors, Weekends, Special Occasions, Travel & Holidays * Resources for the Costs of Care, including Homecare * Finding the Practical Help You Need: Co-Pay Foundations & Federal, State & Local Programs * Legal Advocacy Tips for Caregivers * Learning How to Appeal Insurance, Medical, Medicaid & Provider Denials * Other Resources, VA Benefits & Family Medical Leave Act/FMLA * Tips on Choosing Community & Medical Resources to Improve Your Quality-of-Life * Time Saving Self-Care/Self-Advocacy Tips for Caregivers * Questions for Our Panel of Experts