Episode 122: Sarah Kemp, M.D., RM and LDS, Gay, BYU Grad, Starting Residency, Future Trauma Surgeon

Listen, Learn & Love Hosted by Richard Ostler show

Summary: My friend Sarah Kemp shares her journey coming out gay on her mission to her companion and Mission President (good experience), graduating from BYU, finishing medical school in Michigan, starting residency in Texas as part of her path to become a trauma surgeon. Sarah shares her personal revelation that her mortal mission as a gay child of Heavenly Parents is not to get married, and have children but use her divine gifts and attributes to bless others through her medical career. It is not plan B because getting married didn’t work out. It is plan A. She also shares her journey as a gay Latter-day Saint and how her love for the temple and the peace that she finds there help to keep her a fully believing and committed member. Thank you Sarah for sharing some of your journey. You are awesome and have a great life ahead of you. Honored to have met you!