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Summary: Getting into a dating relationship is easier than ever since there are so many decent  free online dating advice sites out there, including, Christian dating advice sites like Oasis Singles.  However, keeping that dating relationship growing will be almost impossible without <a title="Conversation Starter Tips" href="">good conversation starter skills</a>.<br> Free Online Dating Advice On Listening Skills<br> In fact, most couples, whether they are married or in a dating relationship, give lack of communication and listening as the major reason for breaking up. These relationships break down because the parties have forgotten or never learned how to listen to the each other.<br> As someone who has done quite a bit of relationship mediation, the truth of the above staement can’t be overstated. That’s why our church podcast for this week centers on improving your dating relationship chances by learning how to listen to your partner. Pastor Bret Avlakeotes, of Spring Hills Community Church in Santa Rosa, California (CA), speaks from the James 1 on this topic sure to interest all Christian singles looking  for free online dating advice for <a title="Good Christian Dating Relationship Signs" href="">a great Christian dating relationship. </a><br> Related to Dating Advice:<br> <a title="Singles dating Tip-Learning How to Argue and Fight" href="">Dating Advice-Learning How to Argue and Fight</a><br> <a href="">Christian Podcasts</a><br> <a title="Christian Dating Service PLUS-Matchmaking, Dating Tips, singles Group Directories" href="">Christian Dating Service</a><br>