#8 | Starting the Series A Final Stretch!

The Esports Startup show

Summary: <p>Welcome to The Esports Startup!</p> <p>Join our <a href="https://e1.gg/community"><strong>Slack community</strong></a> to chat with the hosts and learn about esports, startups and funding from your hosts and community members! To learn more about Esports One, visit our <a href="https://esportsone.com/" target="_blank"><strong>site</strong></a>.</p> <p><br></p> <p>In this episode we talk about:</p> <p><strong>0:00 -</strong> Gene editing</p> <p><strong>2:50 -</strong> Post GDC meetings / reflection</p> <p><strong>4:50 - </strong>Introducing ourselves because we forgot</p> <p><strong>7:20 -</strong> Back to talking about post GDC fund raising</p> <p><strong>19 30 -</strong> Transparency regarding fundraising</p> <p><strong>21:39 -</strong> What Jonny and Jordan have been up to on the marketing/biz dev side</p> <p><strong>26:00 -</strong> What games we're playing at the moment</p> <p><strong>27:30 -</strong> Next steps after having investor commitments</p> <p><strong>31:00 -</strong> What's changed from the last round?</p> <p><strong>34:10 -</strong> What are we doing with the money? (joking)</p> <p><strong>36:00 -</strong> Musical interruption &amp; speaking about our production</p> <p><strong>40:00 - </strong>Wrapping up the episode</p> <p><br></p> <p> </p> <p><strong>Contact Info:</strong><br> Matt Gunnin (CEO)<br> Email: matt@esportsone.com</p> <p>Jordan O'Hara (Marketing Director)<br> Email: jordan@esportsone.com</p> <p>Jonny Hockey (Head of Biz Dev)<br> Email: jonny@esportsone.com</p>