The Moats of Dead Man's Island in Winter, Western Heights, Dover, UK

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Summary: Slideshow: A walk around the snow-covered floor of the moats connecting the North Centre Bastion, Detached Bastion ("Dead Man's Island"), and North Entrance of the Napoleonic and Victorian defence system embedded into the Western Heights above the town of Dover, Kent, UK. The photos were taken on Thursday, February 11th, 2010, and the only footsteps you see are mine :) Click to see other still photos of the North Entrance and the North Centre Bastion More info: The Western Heights fortifications occupy an area whose maximum dimensions are 1500 x 600 yards. In addition to the North Entrance and North Centre Bastion, other components include the Drop Redoubt, the Grand Shaft, and the Outer Bastion. Also see St Martin's Battery and the Knights Templar church ruins. John Latter / Jorolat Images Of Dover | Videos of Dover | Dover Blog: The Psychology of a Small Town