Part 2: The Napoleonic and Victorian North Entrance, Western Heights, Dover, Kent, UK

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Summary: The 'North Entrance' to Dover's Napoleonic defences embedded into the  Western Heights consists of two bridge/drawbridge combinations and a 60-yard long Road Tunnel. Only the 'ribs' of the bridges are left and the tunnel, whose surface is made from wooden blocks to prevent sparks, is blocked at both ends. This video was originally posted on YouTube in two parts: North Entrance (Part 1); North Entrance (Part 2) This video podcast of Part 2 has an opening scene of the Second World War Pillbox to the east of the North Entrance which was shown at the end of Part 1. The next sequence shows the top of the old North Military Road ("Military Hill"), the Outer Bridge, and the 150 x 20 yard brick-faced outwork known as a "Tenaille". From inside the moats: the Entry Point to the Moat System itself and then shots of the Underside of the Outer Bridge, the pillbox again, the Underside of the Inner Bridge, the beams of the road tunnel drawbridge, and gunrooms. From on top of the tenaille: the inner bridge, the 's-shaped' road, the outer bridge; the east end of the tenaille and then the west end, showing the Southern Wall of the Detached Bastion (Dead Man's Island, The Smokey; part of the North Centre Bastion). A few seconds of me (sorry about that!) and then a final sequence of the outer bridge and the top of the old North Military Road. [Army, History, Geography] Click to see other still photos of the North Entrance. Dover is in the county of Kent in England (UK). John Latter / Jorolat Images Of Dover | Videos of Dover | Dover Blog: The Psychology of a Small Town