Episode 109: Zach Bloxham, RM, Active LDS, Married with Two Children

Listen, Learn & Love Hosted by Richard Ostler show

Summary: My friend Zach Bloxham shares his journey coming home from a successful mission and then dealing with significant curveballs (divorce, not being accepted into Utah law schools, moving out of state to attend law school and being separated from his daughter). Zach later returned to Utah, remarried a wonderful woman and has another child, passed the bar and remains an active Latter-day Saint. Zach has great emotional and spiritual maturity wrestling with complex life events that is helpful or others navigating complex situations. He also has no shame for these difficult life events. I encourage everyone to follow Zach on Twitter (@zblox ) where he strikes a wonderful balance of standing for the teachings of our Restored Church and creating more understanding for those who are struggling to stay or have stepped away. I believe it is members like Zach that are helping more of our members find their spiritual home in our Church and reduce tensions both within the Church and with those who leave. Thanks Zach for sharing your journey. Respect. Appreciate your courage to be honest and vulnerable. I encourage everyone to listen to Zach’s podcast.