Episode 116: Bryce and Sara Cook, Active LDS, 6 Children Including Two Gay Sons

Listen, Learn & Love Hosted by Richard Ostler show

Summary: My friends Bryce and Sara Cook share their journey of having their oldest son Trevor come out as gay in 2011, learning all they could about how to parent a gay child, helping to organize All Arizona (www.allarizona.org) to provide support for families with LGBTQ members and broadly sharing their story to help others. Later their youngest son Tanner also came out as gay. Bryce and Sara share their deep spiritual journey to understand how best to support their sons and keep the family together. Bryce also talks about spiritual prompting to write an essay on his thoughts and observations on our LGBTQ members (www.mormonlgbtquestions.com). It’s a deeply touching story. Bryce and Sara were some of the earliest Latter-Day Saints I connected with as I wanted to learn more about this space and felt listening to parents stories would help me. Thank you Bryce and Sara for sharing your journey with your wonderful gay sons Trevor and Tanner.