Discussing Fan Base Suffering for 2019 and Some Rule Changes - Podcast Relaunch

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Summary: Welcome to the relaunch of the LockedOn MLB Podcast with your new host, Paul Francis Sullivan. Please call him Sully. Today, Sully discusses which fan bases have replaced Cubs, White Sox and Red Sox fans as the longest suffering in baseball and who need a World Series title the most in 2019. Plus, he suggests a few rules that might cut down on the number of pitchers used, reduce length of games and make a little more sense than what MLB is proposing for 2019 and beyond. And remember to check out the other baseball podcasts on the Locked On Podcast Network, your team every day. Follow us on Twitter @LockedOnMLB Sully is an Emmy nominated TV producer, a comedian, a writer and long time host of the Sully Baseball Daily Podcast. He has appeared on HBO Sports, ESPN2 and NESN. Follow him on Twitter at @SullyBaseball and Instagram @SullyBaseballPodcast Remember, to get this show every day, subscribe to Locked On MLB on the new Himalaya podcast app.  In an every expanding podcast world you need Himalaya with their personally curated playlists and new features everyday.  Download Himalaya at your app store and subscribe to Locked On MLB” This Episode is Sponsored by BlueChew.com Right now, we’ve got special deal for our listeners. Go to BLUECHEW.com and get your first shipment FREE when you use the special PromoCode MLB. Just pay $5 shipping. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit podcastchoices.com/adchoices