The top 10 questions about formula feeding my baby, answered by your personal Child Specialist

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Summary: <p>  Intro: Breast milk is the best, simple cow milk formula</p> <p>1. Sterilize bottle – 5 mins new bottle</p> <p>2. Sterile water – 1 min</p> <p>3. Making formula – level scoop</p> <p>4. How much needed –</p> <p>5. How frequently feeding is needed?</p> <p>6. How to know if baby is hungry?</p> <p>7. How do I know if the feeding is adequate?</p> <p>8. Interesting question - How long can I keep formula? </p> <p>9. Can I make formula and keep in fridge</p> <p>10. Spitting formula – changing formula? High end formula?</p> <p>11. DHA &amp; ARA<br> As pediatricians we always believe that breastfeeding is the best, however due to many reasons sometimes formula feeding is required, doctor Gaurav Gupta answers the most common queries about top milk, which formula to give and why</p>