Musical Theatre Performer - Todd Jacobsson

STAGES with Peter Eyers show

Summary: In 2012 I was visiting my home town of Ballarat and attended the Ballarat Lyric Theatre's production of HAIRSPRAY. Playing the part of 'Link Larkin' was a dynamic young man who could sing, dance and act with equal aplomb and radiated a quality that allowed him to command the stage and the audience. He was concurrently completing his VCE, and harbouring a desire to become a professional performer. Cut to 2018, and that young man, Todd Jacobsson, has found himself cast in the new Australian production of WEST SIDE STORY as Tony; and given the opportunity to sing some of the best known songs in the musical theatre canon. Along the way he has certainly served an apprenticeship - working with 'The Production Company' in Melbourne, travelling the world whilst working as a ship performer and garnering a hugely sought after role in the Australian production of THE BOOK OF MORMON. He was also a 2018 finalist in the Rob Guest Endowment. STAGES spoke with Todd in the final weeks of the Sydney season of THE BOOK OF MORMON. By now, he is in rehearsal for WEST SIDE STORY - opening in Melbourne on April 9th, prior to an extensive tour that includes international seasons. It is a thoroughly engaging conversation and reminds us all of the joy and excitement of entering the wonderful world of the professional theatre. And that there is no tried and true way of achieving success. We all find our own path and tend to it with hard work, self-belief and incredible passion - all of which Todd Jacobsson possesses in abundance.