Doing the Next Right Thing :: Emily P. Freeman {EP 98}

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Summary: <br> Can we share your review on the show? Leave one <a href="">here</a>.<br> MEET EMILY:<br> Emily P. Freeman is the Wall Street Journal bestselling author of Simply Tuesday and A Million Little Ways. She is also the host of The Next Right Thing podcast, where she helps create space for the soul to breathe, offering a fresh perspective on the sacredness of our inner life with God. Emily and her husband live in North Carolina with their three children. Connect with her online at <a href=""></a>and on Instagram @emilypfreeman.<br> Listen to her other fantastic Declare podcast episode here:<a href="">Morning Pages &amp; Soul Care</a>.<br> <br> WHAT WE CHAT ABOUT:<br> <br> * The decision making process &amp; her new book.<br> * What we get caught up in and on.<br> * Sacred vs. scared waiting.<br> * Being curious over your life.<br> * Her Life Energy List secret.<br> <br> CLICK HERE*: (LINKS)<br> <br> * <a href="">Holy Hustle by Crystal Stine</a><br> * <a href="">Voxer</a><br> * <a href="">Basecamp Project Management</a><br> * <a href="">Hope*Writers</a><br> <br> FOLLOW EMILY:<br> <br> * <a href="">Emily P. Freeman</a><br> <br> SUPPORT DECLARE:<br> <br> * <br> TELL us what you think!  Leave a <a href="">review</a> or send us an email!<br> <br> * <br> SHARE this <a href="">episode </a>with another influencer &amp; on your social media. Tag #wearedeclare.<br> * <br> <a href="">SUBSCRIBE</a> to stay in the know!<br> * <br> CONNECT with our<a href="">Facebook community </a>&amp; follow us on <a href="">Instagram</a>!<br> <br> * <br> SHOP our <a href="">Amazon page</a> for our favorite things including books from all our guests!<br> <br> MORE BANG FOR YOUR BUCK:<br> <br> * Want to reach influencers for your business, book, blog, or ministry? <a href="">Sponsorship</a> could NOT be more affordable! Send us an email to and let us help you!<br> <br> ENJOY THESE POPULAR EPISODES FROM THE DECLARE PODCAST:<br> <br> * <a href="">Don’t Diminish Your Voice :: Blythe Daniel {EP 47}</a><br> * <a href="">The Power of Focus :: Kat Lee {EP 48}</a><br> * <a href="">Day Jobs &amp; Day Dreams :: Jenn Jett Barrett {EP 54}</a><br> * <a href="">Finding God Backstage :: Sara Hagerty {EP 56}</a><br> * <a href="">Hustle &amp; Rest :: Crystal Stine {EP 57}</a><br> <br> *Some affiliate links apply.<br>