Karina Irby // The importance of keeping it real, body confidence & building global empires

The Healthy Hustlers Podcast show

Summary: This episode of The Healthy Hustlers is brought to you by my friends at HelloFresh! When it comes to keeping it real Karina Irby is your girl. With a dedicated tribe of over 1million and two booming businesses to her name, it is no wonder this savvy, hardworking Aussie is turning heads. Passionate about instilling body confidence and self love in all those she engages with, Karina shares the good, bad and ugly proving that life isn't perfect and neither should we have to be. In an online world that is saturated with 'perfectionism' and 'fakeness' Karina is the type of fitspo influencer our digital lives need more of. Raw, honest and real Karina is helping to make a positive change and inspiring women to be their happiest, most natural and raw selves along the way! To get 40% off your first HelloFresh order, please click the link: https://bit.ly/2DFIif9 USE THE CODE: HH40