Voice Artist and Coach - Penny Larkins

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Summary: A life's work in performance has seen Penny Larkins depend on the voice. Carving a career as a singer with acapella group The Janes, studying in the Musical Theatre course at WAPPA and long runs in musicals that include MAMMA MIA and THE BOY FROM OZ, has taught Penny why the voice is such a valued and vital instrument for both the singer and actor. But performers are not the only ones to depend on voice .... We all rely on our voice.... as a means of communication, a manifestation of emotion, a tool of survival - the need for vocal expression exists on a myriad of levels. In 2017, Penny entered NIDA to complete a Masters in Voice studies; giving her an intimate and complete appreciation of the workings, maintenance and power of the voice .... Which leads her now to continue a navigation and exploration of the immense potential of our vocal power. Penny provides a fascinating insight to our primal animal expression. We sat and talked, discussed, conversed and sang all things voice.