089 TSE - 737 MAX tragedy, A380 buyback, AirDrop WTF, skiplag fight, Air Astana joy, Southwest dress

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Summary: Flight 089. The Ethiopian disaster, the 737 MAX grounding and aftermath. A dress, a baby and a stupid passenger enter aircrafts, who gets tasered? (Not the red badge!) Lufthansa fights skiplagging, on-boards doctors (amazing program!!), ditches four engines aircrafts (and Airbus is buying the 380 back!) The best wine and champagne in the sky (but where is Emirates?) Random AirDrop, the new in-flight game. United prepares a new globe (be careful, it's delicate!) and BA unveils its last vintage livery. Cathay eyes HK Express (and we eye the HKG Qantas lounge). Do not ever fly the SAS A340 LN-RKP (it sucks). Be careful with iPad stands that look like a knife (Paul knows). Air Astana keeps Diet Coke refrigerated just for Alex, whilst Paul embarks on a depiction of the sky color of beautiful Astana, Alex rocks the jacket on a (limo)bike whilst Paul explains fuel hedging — Paul clearly needs to up his game to catch up with being Alex cool.