S2, Ep 4 - Life balance for a teen

Setting Your Child Up For Success - Child Psychology, Development and Teaching Tips show

Summary: There are huge time demands on teenagers, with study, sport, part-time work and other activities all in the mix, even before social commitments are considered. It can be a huge workload for anyone, let alone a teenager who is still developing the capacity to cope with stress. It can lead to a lack of sleep, and impact both physical and mental health. And at the very least, performance will pay the price. As parents, we need to help our teenagers manage their time and find life balance. This podcast episode will help you understand how to go about it. About Tim Dansie: Tim is a registered Teacher and Psychologist. He spent 12 years working in schools as a Teacher / Psychologist before establishing his own private practice working with children, families, teachers and schools. As a result, Tim has a unique understanding about what is required to improve a student's educational and wellbeing outcomes. Tim currently consults to the Independent Schools Association, the Catholic Schools Association and the Education Department of South Australia. He also works with elite level athletes, consulting to the Adelaide Football Club in the AFL and as a Career Guidance person to Adelaide United in the A-League. Tim has vast experience working with children and families and he is able to offer a wide range of services. Connect with Tim: For the latest news, insights and information about upcoming books, podcasts and other content, join Tim Dansie's mailing list here http://eepurl.com/dmRd6P. You can also send Tim an email here tdpsych@bigpond.com or find out more about his private practice here http://tdpsych.com Tim's book Setting Your Kids Up for Success (4 - 12): Time for Some Common Sense is on the way. Sign up to our mailing list (here http://eepurl.com/dmRd6P) to get notified when it's released!  This show is produced by Apiro Media - http://apiropodcasts.com