Episode 1 – Let’s Just Not Get Injured | Blue Heaven Podcast

Dodgers Nation: Blue Heaven Podcast show

Summary: We (re)introduce you to Kevin (@kevisyourfriend) and Fat Ryan Gosling (@realFRG), the guys you may have found as the “Happy Fun Time Sports” guys over the last few months. Now they (and Dodgers Nation) are excited to announce an all-new endeavor, “Blue Heaven” the official Dodgers Nation podcast. Excited to announce that @Kevisyourfriend and I are starting a new podcast called "Blue Heaven", it's the all-new official @DodgersNation podcast! So follow me, check us out on https://t.co/BDmtolENiK, and join in on the action! We're here for the fans!@BlueHeavenPod #Dodgers pic.twitter.com/ixPoUIQWQp — FRG (@realFRG) May 10, 2018 Blue Heaven will be a weekly podcast touching some of the hottest Dodgers topics, and Give them listen, go subscribe and join in on the fun through the comments or on Twitter! Now that we’re done with the house keeping…  Episode 1 – Let’s Just Not Get Injured | Blue Heaven Podcast Blue Heaven   00:00 / 00:47:20  1X Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices