Episode 37 – Welcome Back Martin | Blue Heaven Podcast

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Summary: Once again the Blue Heaven Boys™ proved to be the gateway to the Dodgers making any moves this offseason. Thank you to our sponsor! Please visit visitarizona.com/springtraining to plan your trip to Arizona with us! First up, welcome back, Russell Martin! In a surprising, but not totally unexpected move, the Dodgers traded for Martin to help shore up the catching department. The day before, Yasmani Gone-dal signed a 1-year contract with the Milwaukee Brewers, marking the end of his tenure with the Dodgers, and adding another ball dropped to his resume. Clint recaps the Dodgers off-season thus far, but preaches a little patience. Live stream questions include:Should the team make a run at AJ PollockFans looking for justification for the Kemp/Puig/Wood/Farmer tradeWill Grandal have a better year than Russell and Austin combined?The reliance on a lot of things to go right for the Dodgers in 2019And more! In the next segment, we introduce you to K.P. Wee, sports writer and author of "The 1988 Dodgers: Reliving the Championship Season" to discuss his book, and other work. Plus, parallels between the '88 team, and the 2019 team. Pick up K.P.'s book on Amazon, or by using the promo link below! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices