iWannabes Episode 011 - March 12th 2006

iWannabes show

Summary: On This Epispde (011) the iWannabes break down Apple's overly hyped "fun new products", hackers set their sights on the Mac, iTunes offer "Multi-Pass", and Microsoft says YES! to Origami and no to EFI... Feedback is welcome, so drop us a line at iwannabes@gmail.com Show Notes: (comments brought to you by Jose) -------------------------------------------------------- -- Jose gets popular with podcasting, gets his own radio show and ditches the iWannabes... -- Apple Unveils new Intel-Based Mac mini -- iPod Hi-Fi, Apple branded iPod boombox -- OSX Hacked (or so they claim...) -- WWDC 2006 (Worldwide Developers Conference) Date is set! -- iTunes introduces Multi-Pass -- Adobe Creative Suite 3... coming soon to your Intel Mac -- Microsoft Origami: The promised ultra-portable PC of the future... will it flunk like TabletPC? -- Spring Media Event -- Windows Vista EFI Support: again, Microsoft drops the ball on this one.