iWannabes Episode 013 - May 6th 2006

iWannabes show

Summary: On This Episode (013) the iWannabes get serious and talk about real issues like politics, protests, protocols, and pricing with the help of a very special guest: Sam Adams. Feedback is welcome, so drop us a line at iwannabes@gmail.com Show Notes: -------------------------------------------------------- Try Napster on the Mac for free, via the Web (Macworld.com) Yahoo! News: Apple/Macintosh News Monday, 08:48 AM Apple Sets Tune for Pricing of Song Downloads samzenpus in Slashdot: Apple Monday, 08:42 PM Apple's New ''Get a Mac'' TV Ads for the Mac [Videos Posted] MacRumors : Mac News and Rumors Monday, 09:10 PM Apple Once Again Worth More Than Dell MacRumors : Mac News and Rumors Tuesday, 01:01 PM Microsoft may delay Windows Vista (again), firm says AppleInsider Tuesday, 06:00 PM MacBook Pro 17" Apple MacBook in May? MacRumors : Mac News and Rumors Wednesday, 12:07 PM 802.11n wireless LAN draft fails to advance (Macworld.com) Yahoo! News: Apple/Macintosh News Wednesday, 04:46 PM Mac Enthusiasts Say Protest May Get Apple's Attention (TechWeb) Yahoo! News: Apple/Macintosh News Thursday, 05:35 PM