086 YTZ - Remembering Herb, cooking United, fancy dress lounge, shutdown pizza, A220-500, last B727

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Summary: Flight 086. Remembering Herb Kelleher, how he changed the aviation world, his legacy, his lessons, his arm wrestling. The Miracle of the Hudson, as witnessed by Alex. FRA comes to its senses and asks passengers to not come to the airport. Tipping flight attends, for or against? United loves Pacific Blue, Premium Purple, Atlantic Amethyst, and Apple. Cook your own United food. Is there always a doctor in the plane? Gulf Air goes "boutique", British Airways goes vintage, Aer Lingus goes non-sense, S7 stays a very bright green horse. No fancy dressing, no noise, no food liberation, the lounge etiquettes. The last B727 passenger flight. Will the A220-500 be built in the USA? The US shutdown effects, from security lapses to Delta not getting its A220s, to pizza deliveries. The Amadeus exploit, no seat or the ATR oxygen, what's the worse safety lapse? With QR getting full EU access, should BA move to Qatar post-Brexit? BCN uses MS Paint to create the worse e-gates in the world. Does drone geofencing work? Do McNuggets in lounge work? Our best 2018 flight memory (cheeky and charming, maybe?).