Insuring the Insurers: States Work to Lower Health Premiums | OAS Episode 54

Our American States show

Summary: State legislatures recently began noticing that, because of the high-risk cases insurance companies must cover, individual premiums were escalating. As a result, they began to look into ways to create a pool to limit those losses and reduce premium costs. This led to the creation of reinsurance programs, which appear to be having the intended effect of reducing premiums and protecting insurance companies from financial disaster. We’ll discuss how two politically different states have addressed the issue and find out how it’s playing out in other states. Our guests are: Colleen Becker, policy specialist in the NCSL Health Program Maryland Senator Thomas Middleton (D), who sponsored legislation in his state to establish a reinsurance program Alaska Senator Cathy Giessel (R), who discusses actions her legislature took to become the first state to establish a reinsurance program Blue Cross Blue Shield financially supported this episode of “Our American States.” Additional Resources Transcription of Episode 54