085 USU - Drone frenzy, dumped MNL 737, CebGo ATR, Brexit IAG, turbulence gimbal, China Coast Pub

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Summary: Flight 085. HKG gates numbers, HKG electronic security, HKG landside shopping — a ton of HKG minutiae. A220 dividers debate, A220 sales success, A220 charcuterie board — a ton of A220 ingredients. MNL safety lapses, MNL domestic adventure, MNL abandoned Xiamen 737 — a ton of MNL mischief. Boeing longest range, Boeing sci-fi wing, Boeing Norwegian Iran jam — a ton of Boeing scores. Brexit IAG headache, Brexit German Rolls-Royce, Brexit remote stand — a ton of Brexit nonsense. BA turbulence fear, CX turbulence coffee gimbal, China high terrain — a ton of turbulence dread. LGW drone hysteria, LHR drone stoppage, eagles drone intercept — a ton of drone frenzy. LX cancellation, LH delays, FRA bus strike — a ton of stupidity. A Beech H18, Dan Dan Mien, the China Coast Pub — a ton of elegant delights.