EastEnders Weekly EP 47: Mel’s Choked Up

EastEnders Weekly show

Summary: On this week’s New Year’s Edition of the Weekly EastEnders Podcast, we discuss episodes from 31st December 2018 to 4th January 2019. TIME STAMPS - Find the content you would like to listen to… but don’t skip too much! 00:00:00 - Hello and Welcome to your Weekly EastEnd Round Up! 00:02:26 - Whitney’s False Alarm 00:11:28 - Mick’s Deep Fat Fried Chipolata 00:18:09 - “Big Fat Quiz of the Square!” - Classic Enders Edition Part One 00:32:21 - Ray and Mel at Full Throtle! (00:39:20 - More stories squeezed in the middle) 00:58:00 - “Big Fat Quiz of the Square!” - Classic Enders Edition Part Two 01:12:10 - Classic EastEnders Round Up (Drama Channel) 01:15:08 - Bernie Opens Her Heart! 01:19:14 - Alfie Takes a Wrong Turn 01:23:55 - “Poll(s) of the Week” As always, thank you all so much for the messages we have received on social media and email - To get involved FIND US… TWITTER: @eastendersweek … INSTA: @eastendersweeklypodcast … EMAIL: eastendersweekly@gmail.com … FACEBOOK SEARCH: EastEnders Weekly Podcast Our Merch Store is OPEN! Visit shop.spreadshirt.co.uk/eastendersweeklypodcast and a HUGE THANK YOU to soundcloud.com/kelly-taylor-25 for our theme tune … Enjoy the show!