Episode 16: Hensi Morris, Founder of Lipstick Sister & Clever Woman Club

Hiking In Heals show

Summary: Our special guest Hensi Morris is beyond inspiring with her opportunistic mindset. Hensi has been the President & Founder of Lipstick Sister, LLC for the past 7 1⁄2 years. Lipstick Sister is a membership based platform that was created to bring women together in the spirit of sisterhood by encouraging women to be kind, respectful, supporting and loving towards one another. Hensi is a strong believer that women can achieve so much more by working together! Through Lipstick Sister she has been able to touch many women and help them evolve into their highest potential.  Hensi's latest project the Clever Woman Club is a subscription based book club where the members have an opportunity to meet in person the authors selected for their reading material. Prior to her move to Los Angeles, CA from Mexico City back in 2008. Hensi had a successful career in public relations. We dive into: • Building a community from scratch in a new city • Realizing your worth and charging accordingly • Combining all aspects of empowering women • Making a monthly club subscription more of an experience • Encouraging collaboration not competition • Being kind, respectful and loving towards each other • The ‘AHA’ moment that became the modern woman’s ‘Book Club’ Resources: • www.lipsticksister.com • www.cleverwomanclub.com • www.beckysfund.org/ • @compassionwithactionusa IG: @lispticksister IG: @cleverwomanclub  Please subscribe and leave us an iTunes review and help us spread the word. If you know a phenomenal woman that should be a special guest on the show reach out to us at Hello@hikinginheals.com. Let us know what topics you want us to cover and any special charities that should be highlighted on the show.