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Summary: Tune into Amazing People!   Why not listen to some amazing life stories on your favorite radio station?  Imagine having breakfast with Coco Chanel or hearing how Michelangelo came to create his masterpieces on your way to work? We believe that our stories lend themselves perfectly to being used in broadcasts. Our amazing people were great achievers and there is much that we can learn from them. Ideal for those seeking to further their careers via self-development and for students and teachers to bring inspiration to the core of education in the classroom!The applications are endless... Be inspired by listening to Mother Teresa tell her amazing story for Int'l Womens Day. Gain an insight into how Columbus navigated his way to new worlds for Columbus Day. Hear how Elvis overcame a speech impediment to become a great star, for his anniversary. Or simply, get your daily dose of inspiration by listening to the uplifting stories of great leaders, whose contributions have changed our world. Our amazing people audio collection is available for use via licensing arrangements. The series includes hundreds of dramatized audios recorded by professional voice actors.  The stories are called BioViews®, and are short first person narratives telling the life story of these amazing people. For further information please contact:-