EastEnders Weekly EP 36: Dot Gets Her Legg Over

EastEnders Weekly show

Summary: Welcome to Eastenders Weekly, the weekly podcast all about Eastenders. This week we discuss episodes of Eastenders from 15th to 19th October. Welcome to another round up of the week in Walford! Hayley has left it a little too late to have Baby Wobbles, but after Jean discovers the Dad will there be no going back for the Slater’s? The Doctor will see you now, as we take another trip down memory lane and visit Number 1 Albert Square for another “Brief History of Walford”.  We explore the past residents when it was flats and find out how someone almost got buried there!...Contact us on Twitter @eastendersweek - Instagram @eastendersweeklypodcast - E-mail eastendersweekly@gmail.com We have launched our BRAND NEW MERCH STORE! Please check out our Original ‘Queen Vic Bust’ design available on everything you can think of! Start shopping > https://shop.spreadshirt.co.uk/eastendersweeklypodcast Dot has finally returned from upstairs… or the Church… or Ireland!?  At least she is back, but she has some troubling news and visits her old friend, Dr. Legg for some advice - but maybe he is the one who needs a friend? Ruby goes to the Police about her horrifying night, but is her story as clear as first thought? Game time and Martin needs a bit of a rest from giving Witness reports and refuel with some “Five a Day”.  Can you get a perfect five this week? We can’t let a week pass without knowing the romantic rendez-vous of Sharon and Keanu - commonly known as ‘Sheanu’.  Who is their mysterious blackmailer? “Poll of the Week” asking just that… who is Blackmailing Sheanu? Don’t forget we post a new poll every Monday during the boradcast of EastEnders in the UK (8pm BST) You can contact us through the following methods; Twitter @eastendersweek - Instagram @eastendersweeklypodcast - E-mail eastendersweekly@gmail.com We have received lots of great messages and we try to reply to them all and read out your tweets or messages on our podcast… So please keep them coming! We LIVE TWEET every Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday when EastEnders is broadcast in the UK. Please leave a review on iTunes... Subscribe, Follow and Share… and for all things ‘Enders visit: https://eastendersweekly.podbean.com/ Huge Thanks to https://soundcloud.com/kelly-taylor-25 for our Podcast Theme TIME STAMPS (Don’t skip too much, you might miss something you’ll like!) 00:00:00 - Hello and Welcome to your weekly round up from The Square! 00:01:15 - Hayley’s Overwhelmed 00:22:01 - “A Brief History of Walford” - 1 Albert Square 00:38:17 - Dr Legg is seeing Dot’s 00:54:08 - Ruby goes to the Police 01:08:54 - Game “Martin Fowler’s Five-a-Day” 01:13:43 - Sheanu Caught? 01:24:50 - Results from our ‘Poll of the Week’ and this week’s ‘Duff Duff’!