EastEnders Weekly EP 37: Carmel’s Poster Child

EastEnders Weekly show

Summary: Welcome to Eastenders Weekly, the weekly podcast all about Eastenders. This week we discuss episodes of Eastenders from 22nd to 26th October. Welcome to another round up of the week in Walford! Why not start with Sharon and Keanu who are not very good at keeping themselves very secret and it is slowly becoming a problem.  Is it time for Sharon to hang up her black nightie? An interview with Kate Oates came out earlier in this week and we discuss what it all could mean in this weeks feature; ”Walford Gazette”.  What do you think?...Contact us on Twitter @eastendersweek - Instagram @eastendersweeklypodcast - E-mail eastendersweekly@gmail.com We have launched our BRAND NEW MERCH STORE! Please check out our Original ‘Queen Vic Bust’ design available on everything you can think of! Start shopping > https://shop.spreadshirt.co.uk/eastendersweeklypodcast Carmel feels like she is banging her head against a brick wall, and can’t seem to find a solution.  Has she finally got everyone’s attention now? Dot feels like she knows best when it comes to the health of Dr. Legg, but making memories could be just the tonic the Doctor and Dot require! A little warning this week for Ben’s Game - “Slater Family Values”.  Alex makes quite the mess of it all… Enjoy! Finally we follow Hayley through her final weeks of pregnancy, has she decided her future plans? We end like every week with our “Poll of the Week” results - did you vote and if not why not!? Find it every Monday when EastEnders is broadcast in the UK (8:00pm GMT) on our Twitter @eastendersweek. Twitter @eastendersweek - Instagram @eastendersweeklypodcast - E-mail eastendersweekly@gmail.com We have received lots of great messages and we try to reply to them all and read out your tweets or messages on our podcast… So please keep them coming! We LIVE TWEET every Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday when EastEnders is broadcast in the UK. Please leave a review on iTunes... Subscribe, Follow and Share… and for all things ‘Enders visit: https://eastendersweekly.podbean.com/ Huge Thanks to https://soundcloud.com/kelly-taylor-25 for our Podcast Theme TIME STAMPS (Don’t skip too much, you might miss something you’ll like!) 00:00:00 - Hello and Welcome to your weekly round up from The Square! 00:01:48 - Keanu Knows Best 00:21:11 - “Walford Gazette” - The Sun Online Interview with Kate Oates 00:42:21 - Carmel’s Poster Child 00:52:00 - Dot Can’t Handle the Truth! 01:01:48 - Game “Slater Family Values” 01:06:31 - Hayley’s Home Truths 01:20:47 - Results from our ‘Poll of the Week’ and this week’s ‘Duff Duff’!