EastEnders Weekly EXTRA: November Edition ‘Charity Crossovers’

EastEnders Weekly show

Summary: Welcome to EastEnders Weekly Podcast!   On this months EXTRA  edition we take a look at special episodes that have been produced for the charity.  Including crossovers with Doctor Who, The Apprentice and even Coronation Street!   If you have any ideas for future EXTRA episodes or just want to get in touch please contact us:   Tweet: @eastebdersweek - Insta: @eastendersweeklypodcast - Email: eastendersweekly@gmail.com   Or find us on Facebook, simply search ‘EastEnders Weekly Podcast’ to find our page and group!   Help support our podcast too, check out our online merchandise store - shop.spreadshirt.co.uk/eastendersweeklypodcast - where you’ll find original designs great for a gift for an EastEnders fan or treat yourself!