Selling On Amazon Since 2003, Chief Amazon Officer Darren Saul

Fail Fast Podcast show

Summary: Today I interview the Chief Amazon Officer of Vendo: Darren Saul<br> Darren Saul has extensive E-commerce background ranging from Affiliate marketing to marketplace selling.<br> Darren Saul sold my first item on Amazon back in 2003 before FBA and all the private label expansion of recent years.<br> Darren Saul currently leads a team of 20 plus Amazon experts helping to protect brands and sell more on several Amazon marketplaces including USA, EU, and Canada.<br>  <br> Questions asked to Darren Saul:<br> What are some trends you are seeing on Amazon?<br> What is your approach to launching on Amazon?<br> How does your team help brands sell more on Amazon?<br> What are your thoughts on counterfeits, brand gating, and overall channel protection on Amazon?<br> Should brands embrace Amazon or fear Amazon?<br> What are some Off Amazon marketing strategies such as chat bots and influencers?<br>  <br> Links to find Darren Saul:<br><br> email:<br>