Steve Harrison on Pursuing a New Compliance Position [Podcast]

Compliance Perspectives show

Summary: <a href=""></a><br> <a href=""></a><br> By Adam Turteltaub<br><br> Sometimes you have to move on, whether it’s because your <a href="">current compliance and ethics position isn’t working out</a>, or because opportunity comes knocking.<br> <a href="">Steve Harrison</a> of <a href="">Conselium</a> works with compliance professionals looking for new job opportunities and for companies looking to hire them.  He took time at the 2018 Compliance and Ethics Institute to record this podcast and to offer advice, starting with resume writing.<br> He warns against resumes that are too internally focused, using, for example, abbreviations that only relate to the company and business that a candidate is working in.  For obvious reasons, resumes like this don’t translate externally.  Instead, he advises trying to portray yourself as generally capable, not just really good at what you do at your company.<br> It’s also important, he advises, to get into the mindset of the person reading the resume.  Include information such as how many people report to you, the structure of your organization and projects that you led.<br> What about at the interview?  He advises doing your due diligence before walking in the door.  Find out what the compliance reporting line is to see if there is appropriate independence.  Be sure to also go online to determine if the company has been in the news lately and for what.<br> To stand out in an interview, bring ideas with confidence and talk about how you would approach the role and the program.  Also show a genuine interest in the business.  Ask the person interviewing you about their past work and what they like about working at the company.<br> Listen in to his podcast to learn what can make you a more attractive candidate.<br>