Episode 5: Awakening your Confidence and Soul through Conscious Styling

Hiking In Heals show

Summary: Amanda Weil spent over 13 years building her career in digital sales and marketing within companies such as Yahoo! and Tremor Video. Her most recent role was as a Senior Executive at Sony Pictures Television, where she brought in a staggering $24M in revenue over 4 years. After spending more than a decade in the corporate landscape, this “amazing career” was no longer satisfying, and her soul was yearning for more. Amanda realized there was a need to revitalize femininity in the workplace to maintain a balanced flow of business, internal harmony and productivity. Amanda saw first hand how women spend so much time climbing the corporate ladder and trying to integrate into a patriarchal workforce, that they forget to actually take care of themselves and nurture their femininity and soul. After a tremendous amount of reflection and inner work, Amanda left the corporate world to deliver a solution for this need and as a result, ‘Accentuated Style’ was born. She now spends her time as a conscious stylist based in Los Angeles working with women to accentuate their confidence and soul through image transformation. This allows them to elevate into the best version of themselves both internally and externally through style so they can go after their dreams with renewed energy and full clarity of who they are. She calls this ‘inner style’ and teaches her clients how to express their inner essence through fashion. Amanda’s greatest measure of success was once how many deals she could close and the size of those deals. Self-love and self-care were put on the back burner constantly causing stomach issues, hormonal imbalances and adrenal fatigue. Her greatest measure of success now is having discovered her authentic self and choosing happiness and wholeness on a daily basis. Amanda’s greatest desire is to share this soul awakening process and lifestyle with her clients so that together we elevate the vibrations of the planet. True confidence is the key to healing ourselves and the world. Today we discuss: • Conquering and leaving the corporate landscape • Conscious styling • Creating confidence through your closet • Image transformation • Eradicating bullying • The importance of teaching young girls and women to love their bodies and their inner beauty Resources: • www.accentuatedstyle.com • www.instagram.com/accentuatedstyle • www.facebook.com/amweilwm • www.changelives.org • accentuatedstyle@gmail.com Email Amanda directly at accentuatedstyle@gmail.com to claim 20% discount on your first personal session, quoting 'Hiking In Heals'