Episode 7: The Creative Visionary and Culinary Goddess Forces behind the Pono Burger Brand

Hiking In Heals show

Summary: "Women are like tea, they don't know how strong they are until they are put in hot water."   From sound-baths to storytelling rum cocktails, sacred geometry and organic food from farm to table, to alchemy and bio-dynamic farming. There are so many hidden gems you will not want to cut this episode short. We are joined by the creative visionary and culinary goddess forces behind the Pono Burger Brand. Makani Carzino, owner chef of Pono Burger Santa Monica, Makani Venice and Ultimate Burger Kailua-Kona Hawaii, and Andrea Heindel who works alongside Makani as Director of sales and marketing for the brand. Show notes: Episode 7 is quite simply a dreamy, vision led conversation touching not only on food and culinary art, but what it really means to be ‘Pono’. We chat about: • The true concept of Pono • Healthy and sustainable eating and recipes for the soul • Making greener choices that benefit the planet and our environment • Appreciating who you have in your life • Bio dynamic farming • Bankruptcy to award winning restaurants • Goddess women • Vulnerability • Storytelling rum cocktails • Sacred geometry • Trust • Alchemy Growing up on the Big Island of Hawaii, the food sustainability seed was planted within Makani at a very young age. Her parents taught her the value of sourcing and eating locally - from papayas to coconuts to freshly caught fish. Makani now combines her vision for healthy and sustainable eating with the Hawaiian concept of Pono, which means, to do things the right way, or with integrity. A lifelong Palisadian, Andrea has always had a talent for selling and her serving customers both here and abroad. With a career that originated in advertising sales and spanned the globe from Prague to the USA. Andrea now manages Makani’s vision of building healthy and sustainable eating with the Hawaiian concept of Pono. To see the full bios for Makani and Andrea visit: www.hikinginheals.com Charities: • www.healthebay.org • www.nokidhungry.org • www.presentnow.org Articles: Eater LA review of Makani, scroll through to see photos of the restaurant: www.la.eater.com/platform/amp/2018/4/26/17285848/makani-venice-rose-avenue-designrestaurant Makani featured in "The 17 Hottest Restaurants in LA Right Now”, June 2018 www.la.eater.com/maps/best-new-restaurants-los-angeles-heatmap Makani featured in "12 Hottest Cocktail Spots in Los Angeles, Summer 2018" on Eater LA: www.la.eater.com/maps/best-hottest-bars-lounges-cocktails-los-angeles Currently #6 on Trip Advisor: www.tripadvisor.com/Restaurant_Review-g60872-d1722247-Reviews-Ultimate_BurgerKailua_Kona_Island_of_Hawaii_Hawaii.html Resources: • www.ponoburger.com • www.instagram.com/ponoburger • www.facebook.com/ponoburger • www.makanivenice.com • www.instagram.com/makanivenice • www.fcebook.com/makanivenice • www.ultimateburger.net • www.instagram.com/ultimateburger.kona • www.facebook.com/ultimateburgerbigisland • www.amazon.com/Pono-Principle-Doing-Right-Things-ebook/dp/B079KHBMRS