Episode 8: The Art of Detangling Your Life

Hiking In Heals show

Summary: Kick off your heels and dive in to this special and moving episode with Lisa Silvera, a Radically Optimistic Life Coach - a light seeker, keen listener, wing-woman and an emotional guide. Having harnessed her passion, energy and unrivaled positivity, knowledge and experience, the culmination as resulted in the creation of her life/shift coaching practice coined 'Get Detangled'. Lisa's lifelong affair with LOVE, authenticity, joy, adventure and most of all, striving for HAPPINESS & PURPOSE has landed her in the most extraordinary space. Her greatest inspiration and 'teacher' in her life was her baby brother, Ricardo. "Ricky" was born with severe Down Syndrome and pre-teen, Lisa became one of his primary caregivers. Caring for, and being in her brother's midst fostered an acute sense of acceptance, openness, ability to listen, problem solve, multi task and most of all instilled faith in her. No matter how intense a situation or how entangled we may feel, with good communication and a real desire to be happy and fulfilled, we can all HEAL, LOVE and ultimately LIVE beautiful lives. In this episode we discuss: • Confrontation vs passion • Women as ‘life hostesses’ • Being selfish - good or bad? • People pleasing vs compromising • Comparison and acceptance • ‘Letting’ things happen vs ‘making’ things happen • The joy, pain and life lessons of becoming a primary caregiver to a Down Syndrome sibling • Dealing with the loss of a sibling • How one little change every day, can change everything • Choices • Balance Resources: • www.getdetangled.com (designed by www.jacksonlynch.com) • www.getdetangled.com/get-detangled-with-lisa-silvera-blog/ • FB: www.facebook.com/getdetanglednow • IG: @getdetangled www.instagram.com/getdetangled • TWITTER: @getdetanglednow www.twitter.com/getdetanglednow • Down Syndrome Association of LA www.dsala.org • www.jacksonlynchyoga.com • Yoga Gives Back www.yogagivesback.org , www.hikinginheals.com