Episode 10: The Journey from 90210 to Abundance Based Living

Hiking In Heals show

Summary: In this episode we go behind the scenes with actress, writer, poet and so much more Camila Greenberg. Camila Greenberg is a Soul On Fire. Working as an actress in LA for nearly 13 years, she took the pressure of the industry as an opportunity to turn, in her words, coal into diamond: using every challenge to align her more with her spirituality. This year, Camila made the huge leap from the illusion of the material world into the flow of the spiritual. She is currently chronicling her spiritual awakening in the form of a book, a conscious content podcast, and the first ever online church. Join us as we chat about: • The pressures of ‘Hollywood’ as a young actor • Reaching breaking point • Spoken Word Poetry • Conversations with consciousness • Abundance based living • Ego • Concept of circling • Development of the first online church for awakened beings Resources: IG: @camilagreenberg FB: Camila Greenberg www.thetrevorproject.org www.gofundme.com/online-forum-to-support-youth