Episode 11: New Horizons, New Perspectives A Singlehanded Journey of Discovery

Hiking In Heals show

Summary: Sail away with us as Margie talks about her journey by herself, singlehanding her boat from San Francisco to HI. Margie Woods is an artist, photographer, writer, teacher and avid sailor. She holds her M.A. in Clinical Psychology and has worked extensively, both in private and group settings helping women to find their unique voices and strengths through the creative practice. She is an enthusiastic singlehanded sailor and was the only woman to compete in the 2016 Singlehanded TransPac Race from San Francisco to Hanalei, Hawaii. Margie plans to race again in 2020 and is currently working on a documentary about women solo offshore sailors, to illuminate and seek answers for the disparity between the number of men and women in these endeavors. Join us as we dive in to: • Being a seeker in life • Sailing singlehandedly across the Pacific Ocean • Listening to, and acting on, your intuitive hits • Rising to the challenges we set ourselves • Inner reflection • Menopause and essential oils Resources: • www.margiewoods.com • www.sailinghaunani.com/ • www.journeybackfilm.com & https://youtu.be/K83KFUiMn-s • www.embodylovemovement.org • www.healthebay.org