Episode 12: From Single Mum To Bridal Queen Of New York Fashion Week

Hiking In Heals show

Summary: Makeup artist and beauty liaison Samantha Agostino’s passion and obvious talent for esthetics began early in childhood, she was hired to do her first professional wedding makeup at age 16, and she continues to make her extraordinary mark in bridal, fashion, print and video. For Samantha, esthetics and makeup application represent nothing short of art; her approach is that of a painter, designer and skin specialist all blended into one. She is both meticulous and artful, expertly tailoring each service and application to skin type, coloring, tone...and, of course, vision. Samantha’s work has graced numerous covers such as IAN and NJ Bride and been featured by top publications including Grace Ormonde, Carats & Cake and The Knot. A celebrated bridal fashion specialist, she recently collaborated with international luxury wedding planner Jean-Charles Vaneck and Ellie Youseff Couture for The Villa Casa Casuarina in Miami. Samantha also regularly leads beauty teams for NY Fashion Week, where her work has been highlighted on WWD and Vogue Brazil pages. Tune in to hear us chat about: • Unapologetically standing in your power • Leading New York Fashion Week as a luxury makeup artist • Losing yourself for someone else but coming back stronger • Retraining to rebuild your life • Listening to and following intuitive hits • Time-blocking for work/life balance • Beige walls to a life full of color Resources: • http://samanthaagostinomakeup.com/ • www.wishuponawedding.org • www.ny.covenanthouse.org • www.covenanthouse.org • IG: @samanthaagostinomakeup